Old Salt Grouper Tournament, Old Salt Fishing Club

1998- Swept all 5 places

1999- Disqualified/blew drive off boat

2000- No tournament

2001- 3rd Place Grouper

2002- 1st & 2nd Place Grouper

2003- Quit having the event


Sarasota Spring Bay Classic Fishing Tournament

1998-Grand Slam, 2nd Place, and Calcutta

1999-1st Place and Calcutta Grand Slam

2000- 1st Place-Best Offshore Boat

2001- 1st Place-Won tournament-33.5 Cubera Snapper

(the fish set a new points record 399.5)

2002- 1st Place, Best Offshore Boat

2003- Quit having tournament


Island Discount Tackle's Fishing The Islands Tournament

1998-2nd Place Boat, 1st Place Grouper

1999- 1st Place Boat, 1st Place Big Fish

2000- 9th Place Boat, 1st Place Snapper

2001- Quit having tournament


Donna Bay Outfitters and Honoluana Tiki Bar & Grill Grouper Tournament

2001- June 30th - 1st Place – most pounds with 3 Grouper


The King Fling

2008- 2nd Place Overall


Triple Crown Fishing Tournament

2008-1st Place Overall


Doug Johnson Reeling for Kids Celebrity Fishing Tournament

2007- Master Angler Award-1st Place Kingfish, 1st Place Amberjack, 2nd Place Grouper


Anna Maria Island Youth Center Fishing Tournament

2009- 2nd Place Overall


Grouper Rodeo

2007- 2nd Place Overall Team


DeSoto Fishing Tournament Hernando DeSoto Historical Society

1998- 1st Place Offshore Boat, 1st Place Team Inshore/Offshore Division

1999- 1st Place Overall Boat

2000- 1st Place Offshore Boat

2001- 4th Overall

2002- 1st Place

2003- 4th Place

2004- 3rd Place

2005- 2nd Place

2006- 1st Place

2007- 1st Place Overall

2008- 5th Place Overall

2009-3rd Place Overall

2010- 1st Place Overall

2011-Upper level low-didn't fish


St. Pete Spearfishing Tournament

1998- 1st & 5th Place Amberjack

1999- 1st Place Grouper,3rd, 4th,5th Grouper, 1st & 3rd Place Snapper

2000- Disqualified-time infringement

2001- 1st Place Hog Snapper & Lobster-(did not weigh in due to loss of dear friend)


Kiwanis Club of Palmetto Kiwanis Club of America

Pete Turner Fall Fishing Classic

1998- 1st Place Offshore

1999- 1st Place Offshore, Grand Slam & Calcutta

2000- 1st Place Offshore

2001-Did not enter, wanted to give someone else a chance to win

2002- Didn't fish

2003- 1st Place Offshore

2004- 1st Place Offshore & Grand Slam

2005- 8th Place-Best

2006- Didn't have offshore event

2007- 3rd Overall


Peter T. Assimack Memorial Fishing Tournament

Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce

1998- 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place and Calcutta

1999- 1st, 2nd & Calcutta

2000-  1st Place & Calcutta

2001- 2nd Place Offshore Boat

2002- 1st Place Offshore Boat

2002- 1st Place Offshore

2003-1st Place Offshore

2004- Did not fish - asked to give someone else a chance to win

2005- Quit having event


Jim's Dive Shop and Dick's Seafood

1998- Top Gun Award, 1st Place Best Boat, Biggest Grouper and most aggregate

1999-2nd Place Boat, 1st Place Snapper, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Place Grouper

2000-Due to the death of Dick Tappan, owner of Dick's Seafood, the

tournament ended.


16th Annual Coca Cola Loadmaster Trailer

Charlie Rice Memorial Tournament

1998- 1st Place Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Amberjack,1st Place Master Angler

1999- too rough-didn't enter

2000- Master Angler Adult & Youth-Biggest Grouper, Snapper, & Amberjack 1st Place Overall

2001- Master Angler - 1st Place Grouper & Snapper

2002- 1st Place Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack – Master Angler

2003- 1st Place Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack – Master Angler

2004- too rough-no event

2005- 4th Place Overall

2006- Didn't fish


Boca Grande Builder's Asociation

2003-1st Overall-Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack

2004-did not fish

2005- 1st Overall-Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack

2006- didn't fish


Sarasota Builder's Association

2004- 1st Place Snapper, 2nd Place Grouper

2005- Blew hub in prop, disqualified -time infringement

2006- 1st Place Grouper & Snapper


ASAP Grouper Tournament

2004- 1st Place Overall-largest Snapper, Grouper, aggregate

2005- 1st Place Overall

2006- 1st Place-Largest Grouper & Snapper

2007- 1st Place Overall


Manatee Home Builder's Fishing Tournament

2005- 1st Place Grouper & Snapper

2006- too rough to fish

2007-1st Place Overall


St. Anthony's Fishing Tournament

2005- 1st Place Grouper

2006- too rough to fish

2007- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Grouper


Mad Beach Marina Fishing Tournament

2005- 1st Place Amberjack, 2nd Place Grouper

2006- didn't have event


Grouper Grab Fishing Tournament

2005- 9th Place Overall

2006- Disqualified-time infringement

2007- 7th Place Overall

2008- 10th Overall

2009- 1st Place Tuna,1st Place Dolphin, 1st Place Grouper, 1st Place Overall

2010- didn't have tournament

2011- 1st Place Overall-127.5lb(new tournament record)


St. Pete Yacht Cluub Children's Dream Fund

2007- 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Grouper

2008- 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Grouper

2009- 1st Place Grouper, 3rd Place Grouper, 1st Place Amberjack

2010- 1st Place Grouper-103lb.(new tournament record), 1st Place Overall

2011-  1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Grouper, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Amberjack, 1st Place Overall


Fire Charity Tournament

2010- 1st Place Overall Outstanding Catch

2011- 1st Place Overall Outstanding Catch


Billy Skinner Memorial Tournament Tierre Verde

2007- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Grouper


Sarasota Slam

2006- 1st Place Grouper

2007-1st Place Grouper, 1st Place Wild Card

2008- 2nd Place Snapper, 1st Place Wild Card, Snapper, Calcutta

2009- Disqualified-time infringement

2010- 1st Place Snapper, 2nd Place Snapper, Calcutta

2011- 1st Place Grouper-181(new tournament record), 2nd Place Snapper, Calcutta