How much does a trip cost?

$450 per person maxium of 6


Why is your charter more expensive than the others?

For one because you are getting Tommy Butler, one of the most experienced saltwater fishermen in Florida. The other is the high tech equipment we use plus the fact that with the vessel we use we get you out to the fishing grounds a lot faster and get you back a lot faster. A LOT faster.


Isn't it rougher trip the faster you go?

You bet your life it is! We are not called X-treme Fishing X-peditions for nothing. It isn't just a name. It can be rough if the seas are rough but with the experienced captain we do the best we can but we are going to get you out there to catch fish. You didn't come for the boat ride and if you do you should find another charter. We want to get you out there so you can spend your time fishing.


Is this as crazy and intense as I have heard?

Just watch the videos and ask your self if you have ever caught fish like that.


Why can't I take my cell phone or GPS unit?

Because Tommy knows a LOT about the bottom of the Gulf here and knows a lot of places most people don't. He doesn't want his spots stolen.


Isn't the Gulf waters free space for everyone?

Yep, sure is and if you can drive a boat a hundred miles out and find the same spot without the aid of an electronic device you are welcome to go back.


What do you mean you guarantee 200 lbs of fish, how can you do that?

Becaus the spots Tommy knows are so active you can catch way more than that but you have to stay within your limit. You make catch a few very large fish or a couple more not as big but you are going to get your fish and it will be just like you see in the video's. We do it all the time.


What if I need to cancel my booking the day before my trip?

You can't at that point, you can only reschedule.


Why can't I get a refund?

Because we are not a major corporation, we are a family run business and if you cancel on us then we don't work that day and can't feed our family so we have to get something. That is why we recomemd you reschedule.


What is that form for that I have to download and fax back?

It is a signed authorization to charge your credit card for the trip deposit and it is also acknowledgement of our no refund policy so there can't be any disputed with credit card companies.


Why don't you take kids or women?

Because you are going on a professional, working fishing vessel. This is not a commercial charter boat that can take 50 people with facilities and amenities. It is a man's man's environment. The ride can be rough, there are no private facilites and it is not the kind of environment that is safe for people not familiar with fishing or the outdoors.


Is this the same guy I saw on TV or in the magazines?

You bet! Tommy has been on about every fishing TV show and been in just about every major magazine there is.


What do I have to do to go?

Call (727) 347-4464


What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your food and drinks, a change of clothes that are appropiate for the weather conditions (Please ask Tommy about the weather a day or two before your trip if you are unsure.), and cameras and video cameras are welcome.


What about alcoholic beverages?

Beer or any of the alcopop's like Smirnoff and wine coolers is fine. No hard liquor please and absolutely no illegal substances.


Can I give a trip to my husband for a gift?

Absolutely! Call (727) 347-4464