Consulting trips


Use your own boat and we come to your location

We will supply all equipment for fishing (Rods, tackel and live bait)

Offshore or inshore

Owners get to fish and not have to drive the boat

Tommy Butler and Mike Watts go on the trip and offer tips on boating safety, anchoring, fishing techniques, rigging, plotting and the correct use of electronic equipment including calibration


Fish with the best


All this and more for only $300.00, $600.00 & $1,000.00 depending on the trip.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!

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Tommy's has invested a great deal of time and money running more passes over this part of the Gulf than anyone you can find. He has also had more divers investigate targets than any other guide around so he knows exactly what is on the bottom just about everywhere for about a 250 mile radius out from Tampa Bay. So if you want to find some pristine spots then you can purchase a few numbers to of spots only he knows about to make your trips worth while.


Interested in starting a new career in the commercial fishing industry? One of the key things is to make sure when you go out that you return with a catch that nets you a profit. Anything else is going to put you in the red and cause your business to fail. You can avoid that by purchasing a small book of numbers from Tommy that will insure your catch, business and livelyhood.


For more information call Tommy at 727-347-4464