Tommy is a thrid generation fisherman and has been fishing off the beaches of Florida's West coast his whole life.  Tommy practices what is called "aggressive-technology advanced fishing".  This includes state of the art equipment to get you to the virgin fishing grounds safely and quickly.


He guarantees you will catch 200 pounds of fish for the group.  When is the last time you have ever heard of a charter boat captian make an offer like this???  This confidence comes from his lifelong knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico and it's bottom - where the monster fish hide.  Not only does he know the natural habitats of the Groupers and Snappers, etc.,  he knows their homes that have been created by various methods in the correct area to assure that his customers have their own private "fishing holes".


Mike is born and raised here in South Saint Petersburg and as a kid kicked around Fort Desoto.  He’s also a life long commercial fisherman and has fished most every form of commercial fishing in just about every body of water here in the South including international waters off Cuba.


Mike has been winning tournaments around here since the 70’s and actually holds the World Record for a Yellowtail Snapper.  He and Tommy have been partnered up for over 29 years now and have been the team to beat at every tournament they enter.


The X-treme Fishing X-pedition crew all have been a life long fishermen and friends in the local waters and have worked with dozens of different fishing aficionados.  They have been known as the crew to have with you if you are conducting extreme fishing expeditions.  They are sought after by the most knowledgeable fishermen because of their reputation as a knowledgeable, responsible and dependable persons to have while 200+ miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.  They are always courteous and will assist you with whatever your needs may be while you are with us.